Abano Terme hotel with spa

| Hotel with thermal center near Abano Terme for a stay in wellness centers near Abano Terme

History and Hospitality

The 4-star Hotel Terme delle Nazioni is located in Montegrotto Terme, one of Italy's leading spa areas, a paradise that even the ancient Romans enjoyed, enchanted by this remote and efficient natural remise en forme, praised by Pliny the Elder in 184 B.C. Montegrotto is a lively town full of tourist attractions like the archeological area where you can still see the ruins of the original Roman ‘Thermae’, the Butterfly House, the exotic park home to thousands of butterfly species and the Fairy woods where you can enjoy the magnificentnature trails surrounded by elves, druids and ancient Celtic legends.

The secret of the Euganee Spas is in the long underground waterway that run from an altitude of 2,000 meters from the Alpine foothill basins to the countryside where they spring at temperatures near 90 degrees Centigrade, enriched by subsoil minerals: sodium, potassium, zinc and iodine. In fact, theEuganee spa area was considered home to Aponus, the god of the spa waters and therapeutic virtues now found in the treatments and pools at the Abano and Montegrotto Terme spa centers where the Hotel Terme delle Nazioni awaits you.

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Inviting and accommodating, the Hotel Terme delle Nazioni is the icon of hospitality that has made wellness its main attraction, using the waters and mud whose beneficial properties were certified in the Middle Ages by even the prestigious University of Padua.

Mud therapy

A vacation at the Hotel Terme delle Nazioni is filled with relax in the modern and functional rooms with areas equipped for mud-water therapy and inhalation treatments.